Doakes Helper
Screenshot Editor • Friend List Notifications • Chatlog Utilities


Screenshot Editor

Editing screenshots was never easier.

  • The editor automates processing of /blindfold screenshots.
  • When you quit the game, a pop-up with the screenshots from the gameplay session appears, so you can quickly edit the screenshots you had just taken.
  • Upload straight to IMGUR through the program when you're done with a screenshot and move on to the next one.
  • Friendly and common editor interface, with inspiration from Paint and Photoshop.
New usage video coming soon
Friend List Notifier

Get notifications when friends go online / offline.

  • Does not require your LSRP credentials.
  • Works with SA-MP 0.3.DL
Chatlog Operations

Make the most out of your chatlog.

  • Automatic backups, neatly ordered by date and time.
  • Smart chatlog filter, aware of line continuations and roleplay line types. You can filter by line types, e.g PMs; by keyword, e.g Doakes.
  • Live Chatlog Notifications, capable of playing a sound when you get a certain message. Never miss out on a PM or a radio call.


Doakes Helper is a free software created for the LS-RP community. It provides solutions to multiple day to day problems, such as a screenshot editor to make editing screenshots faster and prettier than ever, or the friend list notifier to keep track of who's online easily.

The program depends on the UCP to grab the online player list, however it does not require your LSRP credentials. The program is compatible with ENB series and does not crash your game.


Requires .NET 4.5 or greater (built-in with most distributions of Windows)


  • Click the link above to go to the GitHub releases page
  • Click the ZIP file of the version that you want to install (the v5 latest version is recommended)
  • Extract the contents anywhere
  • Run the .exe

* Don't want to manually run the .exe every time? Visit the settings window to configure Doakes Helper to run on Windows startup